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Jingle Jangle-wearing bangles

marian maurer

I’m embracing the warm days of spring, shedding my layers of turtlenecks, cardigans, cashmere sweater coats and I can’t wait to pile on one of my favorite jewelry looks: a stack of mixed up bangles: textured, gemstones, blackened silver and tri-tones of pink, yellow and white metal with colored and white diamond accents .

But wait, are those my arms that are that are jingly or my bracelets? Seems no matter how many days you work out at the gym, something inexplicable happens to your upper arms in winter.

“Don’t pretend you don’t get it, you’ve been coming here too long,” says Carl, my chisel instructor at Crunch in front of the entire class. You used 5 lb weights all winter and got lazy.” He hands me 10 lbs and I can hardly hold them, no less lift them over my head. I opt for the 71/2’s and get to work.

In embracing spring, I can also accept the fact that parts of my body will never be the same, but when someone is embracing me, I want them to feel a more toned version. And when I go sleeveless, the only part of my arms I want jangling are the piles of bangles that are accessorizing them.

For those of you who feel the same, I recommend a mix of SETHI COUTURE‘s thin natural colored diamond bangles, JUST JULES‘ and MARIAN MAURER‘s varying textures and styles, STEPHANIE ALBERTSON‘s rose cut diamond and colored stone bezel set versions and ARMENTA‘s and ERICA MOLINARI‘s and LAUREN WOLF‘s blackened silver with pops of gold and white diamonds.

And for getting your arms ready for the sleeveless days of summer, Carl’s triceps exercises include three sets of 15 -20 skull crushers, kickbacks and dips.

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