Bethany B Personal Jewelry StylingCaptivate, Enchant, Build your own wardrobe of custom and collectible jewelry!

Collectible Jewels
A longtime purveyor of antique jewelry, Beth Bernstein possesses an inherent flair for scouting out and finding rare authentic pieces for private clients. She helps to select styles from various eras in jewelry’s timeline, pieces that appreciate with time and are as fashionable and collectible now as they were 100 years ago and will be in 100 years from today.

Custom Design
Bernstein also displays an uncanny sense for interpreting and mixing up various elements and techniques from bygone eras with an eye on what’s happening now. Pieces also evoke her affinity for the delicate patterns of Venetian lace and embroideries and the natural lines and movement of leaves, vines and flowers. They capture the essence of femininity and romance in elegant and exquisitely detailed platinum, 18K gold diamond and precious gemstone jewelry.

Bernstein prefers the inherent character and beauty of the highest quality European, cushion and rose-cut diamonds as well as diamond beads and briolettes for these one-of-a-kind and custom made pieces.

“Women today are extremely educated about jewelry and they are becoming more in touch with their personal style than ever before. They desire looks that are unique in every aspect of the design from the cut of the diamond to the setting. They have their basics and want to expand their jewelry wardrobe with pieces that are versatile but speak to their individual tastes and are distinctive to their lifestyle.”

We offer personal styling and hands-on tips for building a jewelry collection that combines modern cutting edge designers, rare antique pieces as well helping you create custom pieces that fulfill your ultimate desires and satisfy your dreams.

Here is a selection of custom creations for both women and men. For consultations on personal styling or designing specific pieces.

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