The Essential Plan For Everything Jewelry

A comprehensive agency, which provides branding, design/merchandising direction, marketing/promotion, and social media programs for designers/retailers/antique shops and jewelry shows. We impeccably curate shows and shops and offer an insider’s shopping experience for personal clientele.




A seasoned sensibility with up-to-the-minute market insight:

  • Hands-on design consultancy including the development of original concepts, assistance with metal, stone selections and finished technical sketches for seasonal collections.
  • Pragmatic advice and tailored strategies for developing a collection in today’s marketplace
  • Confidential and exclusive…based on your individual needs.




From inspiration to marketplace:

  • Brand image and identity development reflecting the current and future marketplace.
  • Secondary collection product positioning and launches.
  • Logo design and/or re-design.
  • Press & consumer promotional materials (including design, layout, photography and writing).
  • Packaging and displays.
  • Development of Social Media Strategies
  • Print ready Profile Stories
  • Flexible and adaptable to each client’s needs.



Compelling and relevant for today, yet collectible and enduring well into the future:

  • Curating and co-curating modern designer exhibit and retail spaces
  • Creative direction of the next wave of designers for trade shows
  • Directing and developing private label projects with a collaboration of designers
  • Building jewelry collections for private clients
  • Scouting out and finding rare authentic investment antique and vintage pieces for private clients



A one-stop source guide for all of your company’s needs:

  • Model Makers.
  • Casters, setters and finishers.
  • Overseas factories and diverse sources.
  • All findings, gemstones and beads.
  • Photographers.
  • Graphic artists.
  • Organizations, jewelry groups.




The most advanced jewelry trend, theme, color, and design direction:

  • In-depth reporting on global influences, shopping trends and cultural events (such as museum exhibits, international runway collections, films, and the best of the red carpet) inspiring the shape of jewelry to come.
  • Personal consultations on how to best apply this information to your company.



“There is no one who knows the fine jewelry business as well as Beth Bernstein, who has been (at various times) our stylist, fashion director, senior writer, editor and consultant for the past several years of Accent magazine. Her tremendous insight into the fine jewelry market greatly contributed to the successful launch of this custom luxury lifestyle publication. Beth’s knowledge of fine jewelry combined with her strong sense of style, business sense, work ethic and overall passion for fashion has made her an invaluable asset to Accent and to the many retailers and designers who benefit from her advice.”
Karen Alberg Grossman, editor-in-chief, Accent Magazine

“Beth Bernstein’s interpretation of trends and design concepts for our various divisions of Argento Vivo have helped us enormously in creating extremely successful and viable collections in an ever-changing marketplace. She has worked with our company for the past eight years and her uncanny ability to translate what’s happening culturally as well as in all areas of design, her in-depth knowledge of the marketplace from high end sterling silver to fine jewelry and her background in all facets of merchandising, promotion and marketing has been vital to us in developing and building all of our Argento Vivo brands.”
Cathy Varga, Creative Director/Argento Vivo

“We truly value Beth Bernstein of Plan B’s expertise and instincts. He comments and directions for our design strategies have proven to be effective in a competitive marketplace. She understands the uniqueness of each luxury brand and because of this, has helped us to make a statement in our own niche, classical jewelry. When earlier in 2006, we produced a new Sash Primak press kit, we hired Beth to write it as it was only natural for us to utilize both her masterful writing style and her insight into our brand. As always, we couldn’t have been happier with the results.”
Igor Shersher, General Manager, Sasha Primak

“Beth Bernstein of Plan B conceptualized and executed our visual displays for the Las Vegas Couture Show. We launched a brand new collection in our line and wanted to create a completely different look for our company’s booth that would reflect the same elegance and sophistication that we had achieved in the designs. Beth’s vision was right on target. She created a high-end luxury ambiance that attracted new customers as well as helped us with our brand imaging going forward. We will be using Plan B’s various services well into the future.”
George Zobel, President, Tri-Gem Pearls

“Beth Bernstein of Plan B has been instrumental in brainstorming with me on advanced trends and concepts that are uniquely geared towards my individual vision and signature style. She’s an insightful and talented professional, knowledgeable in all facets of the luxury jewelry market, from resourcing stones, materials and model-makers to creating promotional material. Beth’s range of services are invaluable for all types of luxury jewelers, from small independent designers to large, established companies.”
Penny Preville

“Beth was instrumental in helping us launch our first website and staying on brand. She has an impeccable eye for scouting out not only the most prolific designers in the market but those who are salesworthy. Her recommendations for designers and her guidance in finding the right merchandise mix was right on for our shop. She knows talent when she sees and she understands the relationships between retailers and designers. I would highly recommend her services to fellow retailers who need advice a targeted combination of established, emerging and basics for their stores.”
Jonathan Landsberg