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The Art of Necking

Anne Sportun graduated moonstone & 14K gold necklaces

When I started this blog, we were shifting from fall to spring 2010 and I knew I would be wearing tanks and sleeveless tops. My first post dealt with, how, in the winter, your triceps inexplicably lose their tone and you don’t know what’s jingling your arms or your bangles. Back then, my chisel and sculpt instructor gave me tips and helped me to get back into shape, so that I could dare to bare some skin and pile on my favorite stack of bracelets.

In addition to firming up my arms, he has helped me work on my abs, gluts and “pecs” too, although I’m not quite sure they will ever be in the same place or condition they once were. Read: perky and uplifted. I do the best I can.

And, although, I gave up my belly chain long ago and do not have any piercings except in my ear lobes (which gravity also seemed to have taken down) I have come across an area I never gave much thought to. No, not my ankles. Somehow they have remained untouched by time and still, look tight and taut and thin–though unfortunately no one looks down while talking to me.

What people do tend to look at is the face, which is why I went to my dermatologist for a little rash that appeared under my eye. After advising me it could be cured with a dab of Aquaphor, he asked gently and ever so helpfully “Would you like a little Botox in your neck.”

“Excuse me?” I asked. He pulled some skin from this one area I had not been worried about. Crinkly eyes and wrinkly forehead–maybe–but my once long, swan-like neck had– without me noticing–turned to chicken skin.

Famous author Nora Ephron wrote the bestselling I Feel Bad About My Neck— which I own–and now I’m thinking, time possibly to– re-read?

I graciously turned the doctor down from jabbing my jugular with botulism, but I left his office, concerned about my penchant for multi-layering pendants and chains.

I realized that there was no equivalent to crunches, squats, lunges, curls and dips for toning up a sagging neck.

For now, it’s still akin to Antarctica here in NYC, so I am covered in cowl and high turtlenecks, and wrapped in shawls and scarves, but come spring I have decided to engage in aging gracefully. Maybe, I’ll add a neck cream to my beauty arsenal (if I can find space on the vanity–wait, maybe I can make room- it appears that at least one of these anti-aging serums is definitely not working).

And when the warm weather rolls around, I will continue to wear delicate layered pieces. I believe that the woman (of a certain age) who try to camouflage with bib styles and chokers are just drawing more attention, but that’s just my opinion.

Some of the graduated looks I recommend highly are Anne Sportun’s moonstone and gold styles, Alberian & Aulde’s 3-for luck looks, mixed nonchalantly with Irene Neuwirth’s moonstone bezel set chain. I am a fan of the unstudied appeal of John Apel’s colored sapphire and diamond station looks in mixed metals, and the elegant combination of Penny Preville’s long diamond accented signature station chains with Sethi Couture’s grey polished rough diamond bead necklaces, a white diamond bead chain and antique pendant, made from one drop earring (Tip–should you ever lose half of pair, like I did ; don’t fear, if they are the right style; you can always revamp them into some other sparkly adornment that just might have people talking about your jewelry rather than your neck–(one can only hope)

John Apel's mixed sapphire chains

Bottom to top: Penny Preville, Diamond bead chain, Sethi Couture's grey diamond chain, antique pendant