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The Charm of Travel

Dogeared Travel Charms

After a recent business trip, I realized that I have a new pet peeve- those women who think they can actually make it through security with an armful of bracelets, multi-necklaces or door knocker earrings. C’mon girls, we all love to stack, pile and layer but do you really think you are getting past the scanner (or burly uniformed guard) like that?  A woman in front of me–who was scantily dressed, wearing a midriff bearing top and shorts, who looked more  like she was going to the beach rather than squished into an overbooked plane– was wearing 27 bracelets.  How do I know? When she was asked to remove them she counted them out before she put them in the dish for small personal items. Slowly.  Extremely Slowly. Examining each one as she slid them every so gingerly off of her wrist.  There was another woman who was wearing gladiator style cuffs that somehow got past the guards but not past the super x-ray machines and the beepers went off.

Hey, I have admitted to being a Jewel-aholic. I am completely understanding of piling on the bling- but there are great little rolls, pouches and fancy cases that aid in your ability to carry your jewelry on so you don’t have to slow down your fellow passengers while you are going through the check points.

I also understand the need for good luck travel charms. I have a necklace with about 19 on them and I wear that with three other necklaces given to me by friends and designers, all meant to bring luck. They all have special meaning for me,and my trips have been safely guided, not by control towers and careful pilots but–and I am absolutely sure of this–the hefty concoction of talisman and amulets I wear around my neck.  I have added to them over the years. But I have also learned, early on to keep them in my bag and put them around my neck on when I got passed security and ONTO THE PLANE.

My advice to all travelers this summer, is to A) try to pack light, and B) place whatever jewelry you must take into a pouch and C) please don’t try to get a 6 oz bottle with 2.4 ounces of lotion left in it…through. You are not fooling anyone. They have special measuring eyeballs that will catch you out and make you dispose of your favorite cream. For all of you boot and sock wearers in summer, I have two words for you…Flip flops. Be considerate of the passengers behind you. We’d like to get to our gates at least before we have that other little annoyance of finding out our flights have a four-hour delay.

For those who are superstitious, but unlike me, don’t need to be weighed down  with a pound of talisman on a ball chain, I recommend Dogeared Travel Charms which are stylish, protective and lightweight. Plus as their packaging says: “they have a saint that’s got your back.” They come three  for luck on leather cord or chain in sterling silver or dipped gold.