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Vibes pearl earrings

Today, I’ve tried on the glow of gold, the magic of tourmaline and the luster of pearls. Usually, I clasp precious metals and gemstones around my neck, slide them on my fingers or dangle them from my ears (especially the-dangle them from my ears—bit)– to add a little sparkle around my face (as per my grandmother’s directions). However today, I am wearing these jewels, crushed and mixed into serums and potions that promote such attributes as rejuvenating the circulation of the skin, creating a youthful, iridescence and/or acting as a natural exfoliate.

I  am both jewelry and beauty product junkie, so I am sold. Plus I had a birthday last week. My skin needs a little pick me up. Okay,  perhaps– a lot of help– and what better gift to oneself than a pair of earrings that detracts from the crow’s feet expanding from the corners of my eyes.  I am sitting by the computer, after indulging in a beauty regime (okay—it just became a regime today) of washing with OM Aroma’s Elixir de Perle Organic Cleansing Cream, which is a concoction for sensitive skin and as the literature reads: “pearl micro-particles restore skin’s luminosity and clarity by sweeping away impurities. This non-drying cleanser stimulates circulation and revitalizes skin for youthful radiance.”

Next I try Dr. Brandt’s Time Arrest Crème de Lux for “aging, mature skin” which mine has definitely become. There are tourmaline crystals mixed in with the other ingredients that I have been told will add a “dewy, fresh, healthy and energized finish.” Got to love that description.  But, somehow, I still look the same. Ah yes, I realize it doesn’t work on the first try. But my Vibes lustrous pearl earrings with little flowers—feminine and fun—do… as does my Jemma Wynne watermelon tourmaline necklace all outlined in the glow of gold.  They make me smile, which always lights up the face

I will give the beauty products a chance. But this season, I saw quite a few dazzling pieces in all of forms of pearls, multi-colored tourmaline jewels at the AGTA awards as well as throughout the designer showrooms and studios.


Jemma Wynne Pendant

But with the staggering prices of gold, I am wondering if I have to purchase my18K in little bits of crushed powder mixed in with a host of other ingredients rather than wear a solid medallion representing some form of good luck around my neck. Nah. I think I will go for that glimmer of hope in a jewel rather than a jar. Or, at this point in my life, maybe both. It couldn’t hurt.


OM Aroma Pearl Cleanser


Dr Brandt Time Arrest Creme de Lux with tourmaline crystals