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Young Turqs

Russell Jones Turquoise earrings

After attending this summer’s edition of the JA New York show, I decided to re-share my post on turquoise from last year. It’s still in many of the most talented and innovative designer collections,  looking best in unusual cuts from three-dimensional to geodes and in a variety of hues from the calming blues to the more  organic greenish hues.  While talking with Ray Griffiths, a jewelry designer and friend, he explained,  “turquoise is a happy color. It says yes.”

Not quite sure if it was always that way for me– the whole happy, yes turq thing. I have a bit of a bluesy turquoise past (see last year’s post here) but it’s clear that in the future of jewelry, turquoise is a gem that works into many different lifestyles and offers customers a range of looks from more ethnic to modern. I’ve also posted a few more pics of the pieces I found:  And I continue to say free yourself from wearing this seasonless stone only a summer color and wear it year round! I have let go of  my less than ‘happy’ associations with this stone and covet a pair of earrings  from Russell Jones. Not to be missed: Penny Preville, Ray Griffiths, Anzie and Jane Bohan,  just to name a few. And still going strong are the designers I mentioned in last year’s post.

Ray Griffiths Crown texture and turquoise pendant

Penny Preville Turquoise & Pave diamond pendant


Just quick note to share some news. As you all know from prior post I am very superstitious to the point of nuttiness, but the time has come that I can can safely tell you (with my fingers crossed) that I have a book coming out. It’s at the publisher’s and going through all the stages a book goes through. Meanwhile I’ve set up a FB page that I would greatly appreciate your support on by liking it. Here is the URL: Please click here to like. And will start discussions on page soon.