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June 26, 2010

Age Defying

While perusing Harper’s Bazaar, the section, Fabulous At Every Age got me thinking. Each month, this feature seems to assign certain styles to different ages. I study the  medallion necklace from Lanvin, which the magazine urges me to wear at my stage in life. Instead, I’m drawn to the Stephen Russell retro diamond clip earrings, although I allegedly need to be 70-something to wear them. I also fall for  the gold pendants on ribbon (from Abraxas Rex by Paris Kainbu) but notice I’m breaking the rules by being drawn to a piece on the 30-something page. Although I know the Bazaar editors are simply suggesting age-appropriate pieces, I’ve found that fine jewelry is more about individual style and playing up your best features.

Personally I wouldn’t wear diamond skulls or gold Cleopatra-esque neck collars but that has little to do with age: rocker chic has never been my look nor can my frame carry off a necklace larger than my entire chest.

Fine jewelry transcends trends and fashion dictums and can be both stylish and timeless simultaneously. Even when put away for five or more years, a diamond chain or stud earrings (unlike, say, jodhpurs  or pirate shirts) can be resurrected to fit in with current styles.

I’ve been known to give up articles of clothing earlier than necessary so not to look as if I’m trying too hard. Even though my legs are perhaps the best feature of my figure, I gave up skirts that weren’t long enough to graze my knees in my 30s. When mini skirts came back in style a couple of years ago, I enjoyed the irony of friends who were raising their hemlines while lifting their foreheads. Personally, I’ve grown into a more classic style in clothing: cashmere sweaters, shift dresses, feminine lace edged layering pieces, well-fitting jeans, menswear trousers and crisp white shirts.

But with jewelry, I can be more creative in my tastes in choosing pieces that will also endure the test of time. Here are some looks that I believe look fabulous at Any age:

John Apel’s moonstone Necklace in varying lengths with rose cut rainbow moonstones in 18K yellow gold is set with ultra thin bezels so if it flips the gems show from both sides and offer a modern take on an familiar Victorian style–great to set off summer whites or year round black as well as all shades of gray.

Todd Reed’s rose cut black diamond ring set in silver with white diamonds on top of 18K gold has an ancient feeling of a found treasure and also works with the simplicity and ease of black or white.

Sofia Kaman for Kamofie Design‘s initial shield. Kaman continues to create this style that she added to her collection two years ago. It’s personalized and stylish and the shield is a symbol for protection. wear it long, short or on cord or mixed in with other charms. The piece you never want to take off and can wear everywhere with everything.

Yewn’s wide cuff in vibrant gemstones and cut out floral design has the feeling of cloisonne and offers a subtle way of adding color to your wardrobe. A more statement making piece that should be worn on it’s own or with a small drop or stud earring

Just Jules delicate 18K bangle bracelets with various shaped rose cut diamonds or accented with small diamonds and textured finishes, wear just one for an ultra delicate look or play with a group of them to create different stacks. These can be worn with floaty tops or sleeveless dresses in summer or with lightweight cashmere sweater with the sleeves slightly rolled up and go with any color, from muted natural hues to brighter tones.

Anzie‘s Turquoise and 18K yellow gold cluster earrings. Both studs and turquoise are in the height of fashion right now but are also favorite classics that will have a long life span in your jewelry wardrobe. Try it with white jeans and sandals with a simple shirt or tank or to liven up a more tailored natural colored shift dress.

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6 Responses

  1. And don’t we all want to defy age?? Just loving our new Todd Reed shipment, and looking forward to receiving our John Apel. Love your blog!

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  3. Sarah says:

    Just found your blog – love to see another love jewelry like I do! Kamofie has some great pieces – the shield being one of them – and I hope to own some of her pieces soon. Keep up the great blogging!

  4. Todd reed says:

    This the best written blog from the most educated and personal perspective I have read yet. Thank you Beth! You raw right on in so many ways and your choices in what you love are always super hot.
    Love that bit about the lacy layers.

  5. Lara says:

    These are such great pieces. Love your taste in jewelry. I look forward to reading your next posts. Great blog!!

  6. This is a really good read, Beth. So smart, funny and great for the jewelry lover.

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